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"I was suffering from severe pain on the right side of my rib, which led me to many ultrasounds and consultations with specialists, all without relief. After just a few visits to Dr. Bass, my pain completely disappeared. Like it was magic!! I did everything she recommended and I improved my sleep and regulated my nervous system. I am immensely thankful for her gentle and caring approach and plan to continue seeing her for ongoing care! Thank you Dr. Bass"

Carolina Rocha

Your Treatment Options


A holistic approach to restoring spinal health for pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced overall well-being

Spinal Decompression

Suffering from a bulging or herniated disc? Get pain relief and start healing today, without the need for surgery or dangerous pain medications


An ancient healing technique using fine needles to relieve pain, reduce stress, and restore balance in the body's energy flow

Common Conditions We Treat

Discover the power of chiropractic care! From pesky pains to total body tune-ups, our chiropractors treat you for a range of injuries and conditions, including:.

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