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Chiropractors That Treat Vertigo Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

Control your vertigo symptoms with a chiropractic adjustment for vertigo. Seeing a chiropractor for dizziness can help minimize the severity of your symptoms so you can get more out of life. Contact us at Bass Chiropractic to schedule your initial consultation and first treatment.

Discover the Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Vertigo

A chiropractic adjustment for vertigo may not cure your condition. However, a vertigo chiropractor can help reduce the severity of your dizziness and other vertigo symptoms.
Vertigo is the sensation of feeling dizzy or off-balance even when you are not moving. These dizzy spells may leave you feeling nauseous and disoriented, which can impact your ability to participate in activities and pursue your career goals and hobbies.
Chiropractic care for dizziness caused by vertigo involves ensuring proper alignment of the spine. Misalignments can limit the normal function of the nervous system.
Visiting a chiropractor for dizziness can help correct misalignments of the spine, joints, and vertebrae in the cervical spine. These changes can help minimize the severity of the spinning sensation that you occasionally experience. You may also notice a reduction in related symptoms, such as nausea, tinnitus, headaches, and sweating.


How to Find Chiropractors That Treat Vertigo Near Me in LA

Bass Chiropractic is your source for chiropractic care for dizziness. Dr. Bass is a skilled vertigo chiropractor with extensive experience and qualifications. She has offered chiropractic treatment for vertigo and other conditions for over a decade. Allow us to help ease your vertigo symptoms. Book your first visit today!

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