Welcome to Bass Chiropractic

Dr. Marissa Bass, a West Hollywood native, has been revitalizing the health and wellness of neighbors here and in Beverly Hills through excellent chiropractic care for more than a decade. She is recognized throughout the entertainment and athletic communities, as well as families across town for her highly-skilled injury and pain relief treatment and wellness coaching.    

Why chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care helps you maintain excellent posture or improve poor posture. Correct spinal alignment enables your nerves to communicate effectively with every organ in your body. When nerves cannot communicate properly because of spinal misalignments, organs governed by those nerves can’t function correctly. We correct misalignments, releasing pinched nerves so your entire body works better.


Being healthy shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out. Living a healthy lifestyle should feel fun, joyful, nourishing and liberating! Lifetime wellness starts with creating healthy habits that nurture and inspire you on the daily. The Bass Chiropractic team provides you with expert advice, empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement to keep you on track for your long-term health goals. Because it’s so much more than chiropractic – it’s about living in alignment with the highest and best version of yourself – mind, body and spirit.

Products We Offer

What our clients are saying

Over 90% of new clients return to experience further five star treatments !

  • “Dr. Bass is hands down the best chiropractic care in California! I came in with a horrible neck injury – I couldn’t move it much for years side to side. I spent time with her and I’ve never felt better. Her approach is what makes the difference. She is also incredibly caring with a heart of gold. I’d recommend her 100%. She’ll get you results you need. I don’t trust any other chiropractors. Thank you to Bass Chiropractic for everything. :)”

  • “Hands down, this office is special under the leadership and direction of Dr. Marissa Bass. Her staff is wonderful as well. Dr. Bass clearly has a passion for what she does. After her treatments, my body feels balanced and light. The exercises she starts you with really warms up the body before you get the wonderful adjustment. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a chiropractor to go see Dr. Bass!”

  • “Highly recommend Bass Chiropractic! I have been to many chiropractors in my life and this is the first one that gave me a thorough exam. They give you X-rays and then discuss a treatment plan (most do not). You get much more than an adjustment, but also many other treatments to help you get healthy. The office staff is very friendly and professional.”



If you have any questions about our services or need help finding the best treatment for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve got your back!

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